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"All the shops!
It was amazing."

"There weren’t supermarkets in those days.
You went to the
fishmonger, the bakers, the greengrocers
very different."

"To go to Cliftonville shopping,
you used to
dress up."

"Those types of shops in my day,
they weren’t posh, they were

proper shops that you went in."

"Going to places like
Thornton Bobby,
buying the latest records."


"It was like magic
to see the money go upstairs by vacuum to accounts in these containers,
have you heard of this?
The change would come back down.
They used to amaze me!"

"I think there were about
three tailors."

"When sweets came off the ration,
I used to buy my sweets in

Moylers Stores."

"Woolies was like,
‘oh heaven’.
Plimsolls and all that kind of stuff."

"You could have afternoon tea
with somebody tinkling the piano."

"You could live in Cliftonville;
you had a
nightlife here,
social life,
and a
family life"

"Bellevue pub
of course was crowded in the 50s, 60s.
Nobby Clark’s sister worked there.
We finished up as
The Singing Barmaids!"

"We would go to
Rico’s coffee bar
from 11 in the morning until it closed.
It had a jukebox
Young people would meet up there."

"There were fields between our shop and the next one."

"All different kinds of shops,
all different cultures.
That is

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